Dolphin 50QT (45L) Roto-Molded Hard Fishing Cooler (compare to Yeti Tundra 50)

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Made with a double wall of rotationally (Roto) molded plastic, which maintains a consistent thickness free of imperfections, this cooler also feature closed cell polyurethane insulation and thick rubber gaskets for absurdly long ice retention over 4days. It also has a smooth surface which is very easy to clean and ready for use everywhere. In the meantime it is ready for a lifetime of use and include a lifetime warranty.


Inner size: 21.7"x 11.4"x 11.3" (550mm*292mm*286mm)

Outer size: 25.6"x 16.5"x 15" (650*420*380mm)

Built with Food Grade Lldpe Material.

More than 96 hours for cold storage.

Hot and cold insulation, ultra long soaking time.




Fishing: Sea-fishing, River Fishing, Leisure Fishing.

Household: Store Food, Breed Seafood for some days.

Outdoor: Picnics, Camping, Hunting, BBQ, Exploration and so on.

Car using: Car-mounted outgoing, self-driving traveling, long distance traveling.

Medical: Transportation and storage of cold compress, Hot compress, Vaccine.