Dolphin Leaning Post Installation Guide

Dolphin Leaning Post Installation Manual


Step 1: Assemble the seat frame as per below drawing.

Step2: Position seat cushion on seat frame and fix it with the supplied shorter self-tapping screws.

Step3: For pro leaning post, attache the 4 rod holder to the seat frame. For pro2 leaning post, attache the back rest to the seat frame first, then attache the 4 rod holder to the back rest.




Step4: Install the leaning post to boat. Position your leaning post on the deck, we recommend to install it 15in-20in back from the console. Once you confirm the position, fix the 4 mounts with the supplied longer self-tapping screws.

Tips: Starting each hole with your drill in reverse to prevent spider cracking of the gel coat finish.

Warning: If you are unfamiliar with your boat's construction, please consult your boat supplier before drilling holes.


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