Boat Radar Arches - Universal Boat Arch Tower Fits Widths 82" - 109", Height 54" or 74", Colors - Anodized, Black, White

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Boat Radar Arches

Our Heavy Duty Radar Towers are made with a unique adjustable width telescoping top bar to fit boats 82" - 109". Easily folds down forward or to the rear of boat for storage. Oversized and Over Engineered is what we do best. No need to worry about your heavy tower accessories being to much for our towers. Our Radar Arches are a solid and rigid design that do not shake or rattle, and will take many years of rough water usage. We take great pride in building towers with attention to detail; from the thickness of tubing, nuts and bolts, to the final finish and packaging; this tower is made to impress in looks and exceed expectations.

Each Radar Arch Tower is made to specs, and machined with the best materials. We start with only the finest 1/8 inch walled 2.25 inch diameter aircraft grade 6063 aluminum. Each piece is shaped by our state of the art bending machines, precision welded, and finished to a mirror shine.

Our Radar Arches are adjustable in width to fit boats 82" - 109", and it is 21.5" between front and rear feet. First time installer on average can install within 3 hours, and we recommend doing it yourself, as it helps intimately knowing the tower and how it is installed for future maintenance. Tower is collapsible and can easily be folded down within minutes by unscrewing 2 screws.

Choose the height that works best for you: we designed this tower in 2 different heights 54" or 74".

Our 54" Radar Arch Tower is great for small boats, including aluminum boats.



  • Height 54" or 74"
  • Color Anodized, Black, White
  • Adjustable Width 82" - 109"
  • Solid Rattle Free Contruction
  • 2.25" 6063 Aluminum Tubing
  • Distance Between Front to Rear Feet 21.5"