Dolphin Pro E Economic T-Top - Black Canopy, Anodized, Black, or White Tubing

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Dolphins Pro E T Top is designed for small to mid size boats. This top can attach to center console made of metal alloy or fiberglass. Hardware included attaches directly to your floor with 6061 feet and to the center console with included 4 x standoffs. Our T Tops include easy to remove covers for trailering or storage, and the T top tower easily folds down for storage.

Tubing Color Anodized, Black, or White.

Canopy Color: Black


79 inches high, Fits up to 43 inch wide consoles, Cover is 63 inches long x 52 inches wide, feet are 24 inches center to center front to rear.

Lowering the T Top:

Remove 1 x bolt from each of the rear legs. Front legs each have 3 bolts: loosen middle bolt and remove top and bottom bolts. Now pivot the T Top forward.


1.5 inch heavy duty anodized 6063 alloy tubing, CNC Machined 6061 Alloy hardware/fittings. Marine grade VIII UV resistant Acrylic cover. All aluminum is dipped in an anodized bath for many years of protection.