Dolphin PRO / PRO+ T-Top, Anodized Tubing, Black or Navy Blue Canopy

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Dolphin PRO+ version (12" Longer Canopy)

The Dolphin Pro T-Top is a Folding Center Console Fishing Tower. If you do not currently have a T-Top; it will change your love for fishing, and being out on the water. It's a place to hide from the sun and hang your fishing rods. This T Top fits smaller to medium size centre console fishing boats with consoles up to 43 inches wide. Our tower stands 77 inches high, so there is plenty of head room. The 1.5inch anodized frame will lock into your console with our 4 x standoffs for extra strength and stability. Our Heavy Duty support stand off arms will connect from the horizontal or vertical frame and attach to the side of your center console. If you live on a canal system with low bridges or you need to lower the T-Top too store your boat, then you will love it even more. We use a strong and light frame that is easy for one person to fold down. Another unique system that dolphin boat t tops has is the removable cover: We are the only brand with the easy to remove zipper and velcro system. There is no time wasted with annoying bungee cord, weaving in out of holes. You can remove the boat t top cover in seconds for safe storage while traveling down highway; which also saves you money at the gas station, and cleaning is a breeze and pro longs the life of the canopy material.




  • 77 inches high
  • Up to 43 inch wide consoles
  • 63 inches long (PRO+ 75" Long) x 52 inches wide Cover
  • 24 inches front to rear feet center to center.


Lowering Canopy

  • Remove 1 bolt from each of the rear legs.
  • Loosen 1 bolt from each of the front legs and remove 2 bolts from each of front legs.
  • Pivot the T Top forwards.


  • Materials


  • 1.5 inch heavy duty anodised 6063 alloy frame.
  • CNC Machined 6061 Alloy fitting.
  • Marine grade VIII, UV resist Acrylic cover.
  • Finish: anodized