Dolphin Pro4 Extra Wide T Top W/ black canopy Fit Up to 57in Console - For Large Boats

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Dolphin Pro4 t top is designed for those who often drive on rough water. The extended handle grabs connect to the top frame which also functions as a rear vertical brace standoff; The front vertical brace will attach to the center console at any angle. With both front and rear vertical braces, this t top can sustain driving on any rough water.

Extra wide canopy - 89in Long x 69in Wide.

Height - 83"

This T Top will clear your center console side hatch / door. The side bar is 41" high to clear all side openings.


Center Console Alloy or fiberglass 18ft to 25ft
Attaches direct to floor and center console.
4 x standoffs lock into console.
Front vertical brace standoff.
Rear Vertical Brace w/ Integrated Hand Bar
Removable cover, zipper and Velcro.
2 inch heavy duty frame
Extended long large grab handle
Quick release for storage.



83 inches high
Up to 47 inch wide consoles
82 inches long x 69 inches wide Cover
28 inches front to rear feet center to center.

Lowering the T Top

Front leg loosen the middle bolt.
Remove the top and bottom bolt from the joint
Remove the bolt from the rear leg.
Pivot the T Top forwards.
If needed you can remove bolt from top frame joint
See picture in gallery


2 inch heavy duty anodised 6063 alloy frame.
CNC Machined 6061 Alloy fitting.
Marine grade VIII, UV resist cover.


Black color Material